That coffee's still steaming hot..!

Polygonized went down last year. Amador and I managed to restore most of MacCarpocalypse. However a lot of files are still missing... Most of them are C2 skins and C1 stuff.

You can help ! Check the missing files list on the 404 page and if you have any of them, reach out to us at the CWA !

posted by Toshiba-3 (10 Dec 2022, 16:55)


Your car name

Mac Carpocalypse despite the name is a PC friendly site. It may not be the place to go if you're looking for the latest in designs that Detriot, Munich or Rome has to offer to add to your Carmageddon game. But if you're looking for something to drive that's just a bit left of center and maybe more than a bit silly, we be the place.