Carma 2 Skins - page 11
Weathered V_8 Interceptor Skin
by Deep_Blue

Weathered, muddy skin for Chevelle's V_8 Interceptor
5 alternate skins for Dirty Money Armored Car
by CoffeyCup

WW2 Afrika Korps, Stock Brinx armored car, Rusty food truck,
WW2 US Army Ambulance and Hitler's Parade Car

Ford Fairmont Futura/Mercury Zephyr Skin
by Qwerty_86

Turn Qwerty's Ford Fairmont into Mercury Zephyr.
Additional colors for Slayer's '86 Ford LTD 4500
by Qwerty_86

You get the following colors: Blue, Beige, Gray, Black, Red, White,
Green, and a couple of cop car colors