C2 TRACKS & HACKS - page 6

DoomMaze C2 Map
by CoffeyCup

Inspired by Mastro's Doom mod


Meat N' Greet!
by CoffeyCup

Time to meet your fans up close and personal! Let me sign your cast. Not wearing one? We can fix that!


by CoffeyCup

The circus has come to town. Clowns and elephants! Circus Maximus, Max!


Maxed Out!
by Deep_Blue & CoffeyCup

'Tis a tribute to Mad Max 2 & 3 and JunkPile's old Ruin-Nation, somewhat accurate to the Broken Hill/Silverton NSW area with roughly 240 sq miles to haul ass around on.


Slaughter City
by Mastro 666

Beautiful, dark update of the C1 level with creepy atmosphere and glowing neon signs!


Hump N Bump
by CoffeyCup

Bump and grind demolition derby in unscenic Dry Hump, Arizona.


Another 8 Map
by CoffeyCup

Yet another freakin' figure-8 track, but this time with a heliport! Mmmmmmkay?


Big Track: Outback
by CoffeyCup

Unfinished, but huge, map. Takes 13 minutes to do a lap at 200mph. That's a 43 mile or 69Km loop. 10 mile long straight aways for car chases.


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