Mac Carpocalypse: Carmageddon Tutorials

Carmageddon 1 Tutorials

Note: these tutorials demonstrate some basic editing techniques in Carmageddon. Most of the files on the download page demonstrate these techniques also. Download a file or two and you'll see how things work. For basic editing purposes, we recommend using Adobe Photoshop, a text editor, and you're going to need Carmagedit.

These tutorials are for Carmageddon 1 only.

Ped Graphics 101 - A brief look at how to perform ped cosmetic surgery.

Walk This Way - Learn how to make peds walk the way you want them to.

Paint and Body Shop - Look here for information on how to paint that lowrider.

Mechanic Shop - Will that be a turbocharger or hydraulic shocks, sir?

Paint The Town - Be your own architect for a new city. Well, sort of.

Public Works Department - And now for the hard part.

Carmageddon 2 to Carmageddon 1 car conversion - Step by step tute from Deep_Blue

Carmageddon 2 Tutorials

Note: These tutorials assume you have a basic understanding of editing Carma 2 files.

These tutorials are for Carmageddon 2 only.

Track Making Tutorial by C2 Scientist and Econobrick - This tutorial will help you to make a new track for Carmageddon 2

Suspension Mechanics by C2 Scientist - How to put moving suspension parts on your car.

Making Realistic C2 Terrain by CoffeyCup - Make some realistic scenery using using TerraGen.

Making Curved Roads in SketchUp by CoffeyCup - An neat trick for lining up textures on a curved road.

Making a Track in SketchUp by CoffeyCup - How to make a quick oval track.